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Royal Tine is licensed by the Montana Board of Outfitters (#6035)


Guided Montana elk hunt frequently asked questions

Q: What types of Montana elk hunts do you offer?
A: Royal Tine Outfitters offer Montana back country horseback guided rifle or archery elk hunts. We also offer semi-guided back country rifle and bow hunts as well as drop camps for elk. Our guided elk hunts can be either 2:1 (hunters to guide) or can be a 1:1 (one hunter to one guide). Our semi-guided elk hunts include a camp cook, help with game retrieval and a.m. horse rides out of camp, just no elk hunting guides will accompany you in the field. We also offer Montana elk drop camps for those that want to try hunting elk completely on their own.

Q: What other types of services do you offer?
A: We offer guided rifle and archery mountain lion hunts, mountain lion photo safaris, summer pack trips, horseback trips, photography trips, and instructional trips for horse packing and camp cooking.

Q: How is your deer hunting?
A: We offer Montana elk hunts first and foremost. The deer hunting in our particular area is not great, but both rifle and archery elk hunters are welcome to purchase a tag for one, if they choose.

Q: Do you have a wounding policy on your Montana elk hunts?
A: Yes, we believe hunters should be proficient with their weapons and minimize the taking of bad shots both while rifle hunting and bow hunting for elk. For this reason, "any blood drawn" and that animal is considered taken whether the animal is recovered or not. Our experienced elk guides will give a 110% recovery effort in the finding of your game. If an animal is wounded, and not recovered, you may continue to hunt for THAT particular animal only.

Q: Is there a local meat processor and taxidermist we can use on our Montana elk hunts?
A: In field care of your game will be taken care of by your professional experienced elk guides. After that, a local meat processor and taxidermist can handle your trophies. Royal Tine can ship meat and antlers to you after processing. If you drive, you can bring coolers and just take it back with you.

Q: What should I wear while hunting elk in Montana?
A: Dress in layers so that you can maintain constant body temperature. Most of our elk hunting trips are at elevations between 6000 and 7500 feet and temperatures can be anywhere from 0 to 75 degrees. When rifle hunting for elk, hunters are required to wear 400 square inches of orange above the waist. Have warm comfortable boots with good traction and gloves and hats for sitting. Archery elk hunters should wear full camo, any pattern will work, and also bring face paint or a head net and camo gloves. Clothing, packs and rain gear need to be made of quiet material.

Q: What can I do to prepare for my Montana elk hunt?
A: Get in shape and shoot, shoot, shoot. Physical fitness and being accurate with your weapon will both greatly increase your chances of harvesting an elk either with bow or rifle. Practice shooting in actual hunting situations, in different positions, with your hunting clothing on, etc.

Q: Is there a shooting range?
A: There is an archery target at camp where hunters can practice and check their bows. All rifle hunters will be taken to a nearby range prior to their hunt where they are encouraged to shoot.

Q: Is there cell service at elk camp?
A: You can get cell service (Verizon only) in most of our elk hunting area.

Q: Do you have airport pickups?
A: Yes, but because the airport is a 200 mile round trip each way, we do charge $100 per hunter.

Q: What is a legal elk to shoot?
A: For your Montana bow hunt, any elk is legal except for a "spike" bull. For your Montana rifle hunt, only a brow tined bull is legal, which is defined as a bull with a brow tine at least 4" long on the bottom half of his main beam.

Q: Is there alcohol allowed at your elk camp?
A: Yes, BYOB and no glass containers. Please drink in moderation and of course, no alcohol will be permitted while hunting.

Q: What happens if I tag out early?
A: If you tag out early, we have some excellent fly fishing in the area, or we can take you out early. There is a local sapphire mine and old fashioned candy store in town and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation national headquarters is located in nearby Missoula, MT.

Q: Are you a licensed Montana elk hunting outfitter?
A: Yes, we are a licensed Montana elk hunting outfitter, verifiable from the Montana state Board of Outfitters (license #6035). We are licensed to offer guided hunts, semi-guided hunts, and drop camps, for both rifle hunters and archery hunters. We are also licensed to offer mountain lion hunts, summer pack trips, horseback trips and trail rides.

Q: How much should I tip my elk hunting guides?
A: Gratuities are always appreciated for our hard working crew. A good rule of thumb is 10-15% of hunt cost, but tip how you feel. Cooks are usually tipped separately and usually average $50-100 per hunter.


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