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Royal Tine is licensed by the Montana Board of Outfitters (#6035)


Guided Montana Mountain Lion Hunt

Guided Montana mountain lion hunt

If you have never hunted or chased mountain lions with hounds, you are in for a great adventure. This is all we do for the entire winter!

Mountain lions are magnificent, elusive animals and Montana is just as beautiful in the winter as the summer or fall. Wildlife abounds in the low-country wintering grounds.
Montana mountain lion We locate mountain lion tracks in the early morning with 4x4 pickups and snowmobiles. Once a track is located, the atmosphere is exciting as our well trained lion hounds are ready to chase! We will follow the dogs on foot to the tree, so come in fairly good physical shape. At this time of year the mountain lion pelts are in peak quality and make exceptional life sized mounts.
We only allow hunters to harvest Tom lions.

We offer fully guided 7 day mountain lion hunting trips or mountain lion photgraphy trips by the day.
You will be responsible for lodging and dinner meals, we provide breakfast and pack lunches. We can recommend a good place to stay in town.

Guided Montana mountain lion hunt and photography prices

Photography trips - $250/day/person
7 day guided mountain lion hunt - $5000/person
PLEASE NOTE: Non-hunters accompanying a hunter $250/day.

Mountain lion season in Montana is Dec. 1 thru April 14.
For hunters, you'll need a license. Mountain lion license $320. License MUST be purchased 5 days prior to hunt.
In the area of Montana that we hunt, we have what is termed a hybrid season. In order to hunt December and January, you must draw a special permit. The drawing deadline for this license is August 15. Let us know before the license deadline, so you'll have the paperwork in on time. We will help you.
February 1st the season changes to a quota season. You may hunt this season with a general over the counter license.

mountain lion photography

mountain lion hunting trip
All mountain lion pictures were taken by us! Contact us, we have so many great mountain lion pictures some of which have been featured in wildlife and sporting magazines!
montana mountain lion guiding
Montana mountain lion photography by Royal Tine

mountain lion hunt

mountain lion hunt

mountain lion hunt

guided mountain lion hunt

montana mountain lion hunt

Also please read our frequently asked questions about our elk hunts: Our Elk Hunt FAQ's.

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