Guided Montana Mountain Lion Hunting

Royal Tine Guided Mountain Lion Hunting

If you have never hunted or chased mountain lions with hounds, you are in for a great adventure. This is all we do for the entire winter!

Mountain lions are magnificent, elusive animals and Montana is just as beautiful in the winter as the summer or fall. Wildlife abounds in the low-country wintering grounds which draws in Montana’s most elusive and efficient predator.

We locate mountain lion tracks in the early mornings with 4×4 vehicles and snowmobiles. Once a track is located, the atmosphere is exciting as our well-trained lion hounds are ready to chase! We try and shorten the distance to the tree with the vehicles or snow mobiles, but if we can’t, we follow the dogs on foot, so come in good physical shape. At this time of year, the mountain lion pelts are in peak quality and make exceptional life-sized mounts.

We offer fully guided 6-day mountain lion hunting trips. Not a hunter? We also offer mountain lion photography trips.

You will be responsible for lodging and dinner meals; we will provide breakfasts and pack lunches. We can recommend a good place to stay in town. Lion hunts start early in the morning and hopefully we have a track found by daylight. If not, we will continue looking until early afternoon. Hunting is done for the day by 1 pm if we have not found a track. After that, it gets too late to be turning out dogs as we can only harvest during daylight hours.

Calibers like a .223, 22-250, .243 or open sight carbines like a 30-30 work best. Large magnum calibers are excessive and just do extra damage to the hide. Varmint loads are not recommended as the tend to explode on impact.

Why book your lion hunt with Royal Tine?

  1. We have the experience! We have been guiding lion hunters and running hounds since 1998.
  2. This is our passion; we have a very well-trained pack of hounds that are hunted almost daily all season long.
  3. We have a huge area to hunt, covering several hunting districts and encompassing both public and private land.
  4. We have all the necessary equipment to up your odds of success. We utilize 4x4s, snow mobiles and tracked side by sides to find lion tracks and get you to the tree.
  5. We know lions! When we are not taking lion hunters, we have been contracted by Montana FWP since 2012 to do Mountain lion population monitoring and collaring across the state.
  6. We do not over hunt our area. We limit the number of lion hunters we take.

Guided Mountain Lion Hunt Dates and Prices

6-day guided mountain lion hunt – call or email us for this year’s pricing and availability

*We have the privilege of hunting some great private land, but some of these landowners just want dead lions. Ask us about our economy management lion hunts.

PLEASE NOTE: Non-hunters accompanying a hunter are charged $250/day.

Mountain lion season in Montana is Dec. 1 thru April 14.

For hunters, you’ll need a license. Montana non-resident mountain lion license is $320.

In the area of Montana that we hunt, we have what is termed a quota season and the tags are over-the-counter. We only offer hunts in the month of December and are permitted in multiple hunting districts so that the quota closures will not limit your opportunity. We hunt both public and private land. We have very high success rates on our lion hunts. We only take 6-8 hunters per season.

A few pictures from our mountain lion hunts: