Montana Mountain Lion and Wildlife Photography Tours

Royal Tine Montana Wildlife Photo Safari

Do you just enjoy nature at it’s finest? Well, we do too. Welcome to Montana wildlife country, and our home.

Most all of the year, we are outside enjoying some sort of outdoor activity. Late summer, August, and December thru April, we’d love to pack a lunch and guide you on a Montana wildlife photo safari tour. In the winter, we can offer you an excellent wildlife and mountain lion photography tour. Our expert trained lion hounds will will guide us and you will have picture opportunities in safe scenarios for both you and the mountain lions. Make no mistake, we cherish and respect all the animals in these mountains and it is our honor to be among them.  Each and all of the pictures on this website were taken by us or our clients within our outfitters area. We have a great chance to see elk, deer, mountain lions, bobcats, eagles, hawks, owls, beaver, muskrats, coyotes, badgers, porcupines, marmots, bear, moose and so much more! We have also seen lynx, weasels, wolves, mountain goats, mountain sheep, and of course, always amazing and fantastic landscape and scenery.

We hope you enjoy the photography safari pictures below, they are only a few of the many incredible shots we’ve taken and we’ve certainly had a ball taking them.
In August, you’ll be welcome to stay at our wall tent camp. By the winter, December thru April, it is best it stay in the town of Philipsburg at a motel. This is a fun and exciting activity for nature lovers of all ages, backpackers, trekkers, tourists and local folks alike!

Mountain Wildlife Photo Safari and Tours Prices

$250/day per person – Please contact us for all the details on what your custom Montana wildlife photo safari will include. You will find very few opportunities like this!


Royal Tine Outfitters Wildlife Photography Safari


Royal Tine Outfitters Wildlife Photography Safari

We (and our hounds) will do our best to get you great pictures of mountain lions, like ones below taken on our photo safaris. In the process you just might also see lots of other great subjects such as birds, sunsets, mountains, streams, elk, deer, bear, wolves, sheep, goats, our horses and mules and so many other animals big and small!